Contemplation, Science and the Arts

Monday, April 10, 2017
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM (PT)
Casey Commons
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Speaker / Panel Discussion
(206) 220-8270
Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture
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Exploring the relationship between wonder, awe, the art of looking and scientific discovery.

Featuring Naomi Kasumi, MFA, Associate Professor, Art & Art History; Paul Fontana, PhD, Associate Professor, Physics; Wesley Lauer, PhD, Director, Environmental Science Program

Dr. Kasumi works in installation art, mixed media, book art and digital design and researches the role of memory and memorial rituals in artistic temporary monuments, including and Tsunami memorial & relief projects. Dr. Fontana’s research focuses on experimental fluid dynamics and plasma physics; he recently set up a 2D lab at SU to enable further student research. Geomorphologist and engineer Dr. Lauer is currently studying implications of long-term changes in environmental conditions on river systems and has worked on research and consulting projects around the world.

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